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Problem Statement

Thrive Initiative is a non-profit organization that raises funds from various sources and spends them on noble causes. They were encountered with the challenge of raising funds for charity purposes. Their aim was to encourage people to engage in philanthropic activities to raise substantial funds. They wanted to make the process streamlined and more engaging, where donors can be rewarded for their generosity. Another goal was to help partner vendors increase their sales.

Dedicated Team

3 Developer
1 Designer
1 Project Manager

Client's Location


Client Reviews

5 stars

Timeline of Project

8 Months

Solution we provided

We developed mobile (Android and IOS) and web applications for the donors and vendor partners. Our application enables the donors to donate a small amount to their favorite charity, while shopping from the partner vendors, and in return they can avail discounts. Our self-explanatory and intuitive app incorporates payment gateways to streamline the transaction process for donors.

What we did

Intutive Application

We developed an intuitive application in cross platform technology for donors to be used in IOS and Android

Vendor Platform

We developed a web application for vendor partners where they can make their products available for donors to purchase. Furthermore, they can manage their discounts as well.

Admin Panel

We developed an admin panel that enables admins to monitor all the activities of donors and vendors. Admins have the comprehensive view of data that include discounts and traffic of vendors.


  • The Donor community grew significantly. 
  • Our client raised a significant amount of funds for different charities.
  • Partner vendors experienced increased traffic from the ‘Thrive Initiative’ platform, leading to higher sales.
  • Our app facilitates the donors by allowing them to donate any amount, no matter how small, in accordance with their giving capacity. 
  • Donors receive coupons and discounts as a reward for their donations.
  • Interactive UI design of our application makes it more easy to use. 

Thrive Initiative

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