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Problem Statement

Huddle Agency is an event management company working with multiple clients from all around the world helping them manage their events better and greener. Huddle Agency was calculating the carbon emissions of the events they organized, so that they could help companies host environmentally friendly events. They used a tool called Cvent, a really popular tool for event management, for managing their events. For calculating the carbon footprint they used two tools called Greenly and Trace.The biggest challenge with these two tools was that they were not integrated with Cvent, so whenever Huddle Agency added an event in Cvent they would have to go to these two tools and create those events again causing duplication of work.Other than that, the results produced by these two tools were not that accurate and their user interface was not that intuitive either.

Dedicated Team

4 Developer
1 Designer
1 Project Manager

Client's Location


Client Reviews

5 stars

Timeline of Project

4 Months

Solution We Provided

Solutionsloft proposed a solution which was a web based SaaS application mainly focusing on calculating the carbon footprint since Huddle Agency was happy with Cvent and wanted to continue using it for event management. The proposed solution enabled Huddle Agency to calculate accurate carbon footprint and allowed them to invite their clients to the tool by creating organization, user, managers, departments and more. Most importantly, the proposed solution was integrated with Cvent, and pulling existing events from Cvent was as easy as clicking a button. Solutionsloft’s design team did an extensive research to make the user experience as seamless as possible.

What we did

Event Management

The tool enables the users to create and manage events within itself and also allows them to import events from Cvent directly.

Accurate Carbon Footprint

The solution has the formulas and emission factors taken from industry experts to calculate the carbon footprint and an efficient performing carbon footprint calculation engine, making it one of the best carbon footprint calculators available.

Cvent Integration

One of the major challenges for Huddle Agency was that their previous tools were not integrated with Cvent. The solution allowed them to pull all their events from Cvent seamlessly. This feature was tested on their biggest client’s account with thousands of events and it was a success.

Organization Management

The solution allowed Huddle Agency to invite their clients to EventZero and add them as an organization where they could create their events, users, managers, departments and integrate their own Cvent accounts.


Huddle Agency presented EventZero in multiple tradeshows to hundreds of clients and got really positive feedback, they got multiple clients onto using EventZero as their carbon emission calculator tool. The solution helped them calculate more accurate carbon footprints and helped them manage greener events. The solution took the pain away of creating one event in multiple places all over again as it was integrated with Cvent and would automatically pull their events from there.

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